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Alexiel ([personal profile] shinya_diey) wrote2013-03-03 06:39 pm
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Education and books

I didn't realise how much our education system change since I was in school. I think I prefer the old one, but it's not as I can do anything about it.

Anyway... I was looking for a geographical atlas so I went to a book store and asked for one.
Employee: ... you mean an atlas that's not in a set with geography books for a specific grade?
Me: ... yes?
Employee: ... I'm not sure if they still make those...

Turns out they do, but it's rarely used in schools so not many of them can be found in a book stores, duh... In my time you could use one atlas (means with all the information that was needed) while in primary school and high school.
Life was simpler then *sigh*
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Nie narzekaj, przynajmniej się jakiś znalazł :P