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Alexiel ([personal profile] shinya_diey) wrote2017-04-16 11:02 am
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Paradox of time

Why does time has to fly so fast? The older you get, the faster it goes. On the other hand when I was still in school it took ages for one day to end...
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*nuzzles* I know that feeling. Few years ago a week was an actual period of time where things happened. And now it's just "ohnoMonday... wait, is it Thursday already?"
I think though that it's also connected with the way we have to live our lives and that our work, tech, etc. demand from us to be faster and faster. Plus we get distracted more, and it makes us unable to actually notice consecutive days. We just see time in task (or family) related chunks.
Thays why having friends is so important - because they send you text messages at 7 a.m. to ask you about your plans for the day or about any other random stuff. And make you stop only thinking in circles (work - home - sleep).

So friends are important *nuzzles*
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Ale twoja ikonka i nick dalej mi przypomina śp. NL XD
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Proszę bardzo :P