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I so hate working with people who have no common sense and are not capable of logical thinking (at least in a very small dose - I'm not that picky)...


30/10/2012 20:40
So, what do you people think about new friends page? Do you like it?
Have any of you heard that LJ is planning to resign from paid accounts?
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So... There's this renovation of outer walls of the building I live in. It should help to keep heat in and after all the work the building should look, more or less, like when it was built more than one hundred years ago.
But does it have to be done even from 7 am on Saturday??????
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I'm not sure if I want to know how he does that...


13/05/2012 19:21
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My UPS died a few minutes ago just as my desk lamp kind of fell apart (I don't think it's safe to use it anymore). Not to mention I had to replace monitor not so long ago because the previous one is a little bit dead-ish ^^;
I wonder what's next -_-

On a second thought - why does it allways happen on Sunday??????
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Geeee... It's snowing. I think someone got confused with all those holidays...
Sentence of the day:

'Don't argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and bit you by experience.'

I love this one. It's so true. The saddest part is there's too many idiots in this world and, unfortunately, most of them are on a high places in society. So whose worse? Fool or those who follow him?
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Happy New Year everyone ^^
Just to have some fun...

What Mythological Creature Are You? )

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On 2nd of January we are lunching a new programme, which means IT'll be used in our daily work. To make life more interesting we are starting training on how to use IT on Monday and to make it more fun we do not know which group we are assigned to or where the training is taking place. Of course we do have The Schedule but it was realised today, joy ^^;
The best thing of all is that IT doesn't work properly and won't for a long time yet. Modules do not cooperate with each other, things that worked at one point did not few minutes later because someone's been correcting some other mistakes that should be taken care of. Rewind and repeat...
I so love modern technology *heddesk*


22/09/2011 20:17
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Geee... It's good to know you are needed ^^;
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Taken from [personal profile] bethmccombs XDXDXD

1. Open Google Maps (directions).
2. Type Los Angeles as your starting point.
3. Type Honolulu as your destination.
4. Read step #13
5. When you stop laughing, type this in your profile so others can laugh too!!

Have fun ^^
I think I need a serious talk with me, myself and I about kinks and fangirlism.
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Why does paperwork have an ability to multiply breed faster than we are able to work through it? -_-
"I’m in the fifty-first century, sleeping with a man who will be my lover, about to have sex with a man who used to be my lover, trying to get back to the man who is. And they’re all the same man. I think a little confusion is inevitable."

LOL, I love time issues XD

Quote taken from "A Matter of Time" by demotu


26/05/2011 21:24
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I so want to read some good John/Ianto fanfics. Unfortunately this pairing is so not popular, damn...

On another note, I'm not so fond of new ideas of TW. They really could 'resurrect' Ianto... For example he could be taken from another dimension XD Ianto + lather + some guns on him... O, yes. I so can see that comming XDXD
Today was somehow annoying.
First there were problems at work with electricity, which meant for an hour it was switch on and off few times. And later there was flood going through three floors of the office.
Joy ^^;


31/03/2011 19:01
One thing fore sure - no more medical procedures concerning my nose.

I can't wait to sleep properly... ^^;


08/01/2011 19:44
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I noticed funny thing not so long ago. I've been buying more books in English than in Polish. Why? Because they are cheaper, they are not out of print or they were actually published in the first place.

My friend will kill me ^^;
They do know things we test don't work, we do know it doesn't work, but we do/did the test anyway.


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