It's finally raining. Well, it's more like storm behind the window, but who cares XDXD The temperature is going down and it's all that matters ^^v
50°C on a thermometer behind the window is a little too much for my liking ^^;
I want holidays!! Yet, as I guess, it's not the best idea. Unless I want to stay at work after my work time. Again ^^;; Since I have to "take care" of stupid packages it's normal, that I have to stay longer... And now I'm almost over my limits, I'm tired and I want to sleep ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz... And I would like to punch someone, and I even know who :P

And now better things ^^ I bought some books ^^v Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Again ^^;; what means less money on my account *buuuuuuuuuuuu* Well anyway next payment soon, so nothing to worry about, for now :P. I also ordered books by net *totoro* And, what's easy to foresee, I'm going to buy at least 2 books soon XD That's mean tomorrow I guess ^^ As for me the only one shop, where I can spend more than 5 minutes is bookstore. I love books and I can spend there hours. I only regret that we don't have a really big bookshop here *snif* But maybe some day... In sweet dreams :P

And the last thing for today. As you wished my Sis, this meme is for you :P )

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