04/12/2009 17:46
shinya_diey: (dym - blu&orange)
Grandma died today.


09/06/2009 17:00
I love rain, but not in this quantity -_-
Please, somebody shoot me. My head is killing me a whole day and if somebody actually agree it will be fast and painless death instead.
I think ^^;


14/12/2007 18:44
Grandpa just died. I miss him.


13/11/2007 17:22
Grandma died today, about two hours ago. I miss her.
_^_ I just love it >_<

1. my PC at home is dead for a while cause of that damn cooler, which I have to change, yet I don't have time to do that (hell, even to go and buy one ^^;;) [edited: I have to go and buy it tomorrow, five days without PC is to much, especially when you have to do sth for your work... Yay, I love short dead-line of doing stuff _^_]
2. my PC at work wants holidays too _^_ so he just stops working for maaaany times a day... Nobody knows why, so I have problems with working in Word or Excel. And cause of that I have to do consolidation's papers at home, but only if my dearest computer will work >_<

I hate computers...

From other news... Nothing interesting happened so... Hmmm... Whatever...

Have a nice weekend everyone ^__^

>_< So where is that damn screwdriver? I'm sure I saw it somewhere...

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