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It's sad when friends disappear completely beyond your reach.
At least this time we had a chance to say thank you and goodbye.
Eto.... just to practise a little bit...

So... yesterday I finally closed the month, it means that I finished all account's stuff regarding January that had to be done and now I have some free time that I can use not only for work ^^v

What else??... Bea didn't come to me yesterday as she had promise, and I'm wondering what happened... Well I hope she'll come soon, couse I have some stuff for studing for her ^^v Yeah, students rules ^^;;

And as always... I get some work to do "for yesterday"... I hate that kind of oredrs, just because somebody hasn't done sth, now I have to do it instead of him/her... >_< geez... I wanna Blitz or Freedom or Gaia or sth like that... Or maybe just a gun is enough... just to go to the range and practise a little, useing some photos as a target ^^v Sadistic desire rules XD

To the next meet...

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