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When you like the team and its players but you start to hate them because of their fans...
Story of my life *sigh*
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Why does time has to fly so fast? The older you get, the faster it goes. On the other hand when I was still in school it took ages for one day to end...
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So we have a New Year again, or it'll be here soon enough. Which means I'll have to deal, again, with:
- rehearsals to rehearsals, just to make sure fireworks will be set off ok (some people started yesterday...)
- car alarms "singing" all night, unless the owners are smart enough to leave them far away from our street,
- overtime at work during January and February (I just love taxes >.<)
- bitchy co-workers because it's THAT time of the year, whatever it means...

On a happier note I have a lot of books to read and things to watch, on a less happier note - I need time-turner to catch up with all of that :P

@[personal profile] gokuma Happy, wilf? :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone ^^
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I hate shopping. Whoever invented this monstrosity should die a very painful death >_>
Today was somehow annoying.
First there were problems at work with electricity, which meant for an hour it was switch on and off few times. And later there was flood going through three floors of the office.
Joy ^^;


31/03/2011 19:01
One thing fore sure - no more medical procedures concerning my nose.

I can't wait to sleep properly... ^^;
I hate weddings. Or rather notofficial gatherings I should say. Why? Two words are enough. Dress. Shopping (for mention dress and even more stuff that goes with that damn thing <_<) *shudders* Yup, I hate both and can't decide which one is worse ^^;
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One good thing about going to the doctor - I have a lot of time to read while waiting for the visit...
*can't choose between being amused or annoyed*
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The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
Dorothy Parker

So the cat was killed ^^; Sometimes I wonder what's better - to know or not know. I know knowledge or information gathering are important but some things are better left uncovered. Yet for some people curiosity equals stupidity. *sigh* Where's natural selection when we need it ^^;
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Hello ^^ Most of first entries are test-alike, in most cases, so is this one.

I have no clue what kind of jurnal I'll create here, so please bear with me for a while ^^
So I got last four CDs of 'Rhapsody' that I wanted so much XD Don't know why i'm so obsessed with this band but, well I just do. I love this kind of music, first 'Dragonland' and now this...

Oh, well I'm just happy that I have all CDs I wanted, have two days off after weekend, that damn audit is finally over and that this computer still works after its odd behavior...

Thank you [ profile] rawwleklueze for your help XD *huuuuuuugs*
I'm just really curious so I have a question for you guys. Do you have sth like self-evaluation at work?

We have to do sth like that every year and it's... stupid. Well evaluation alone isn't that bad, but the questions that we have to answer are ridiculous.

What progress did you make since last evaluation Hello, I work in accounting department, what could me do? Invent new theory or sth? Oh, I do know it's possible to improve some thins in AD but it's connected with changing two, or sth like that, programs which means a lot of money would be needed, which means it's not a good idea. That's about progress.

What do you think about your current position You kidding me, I'm not gonna tell the whole true, it's hard to find good job and this one is quite good, even if boring as hell, well for the most part anyway ;)

What do you think is your mission in the company Ok, that is overkill. I'm accountant, what mission this post has?

Of course it's not all, only few questions from 20 or something ^^; Can anyone tell me why is it necessary to write sth like that? And why my superior has to read it (ok, I can understand that) but then it goes to my superior's superior and then to president of the company... *sigh* I only hope they would change damn forms for this evaluation.

So please, pleas someone tells me that they do something stupid like that too *puppy eyes*
Finally after Christmas ^^
Finally because we can go on a diet again, just to be sure our clothes fit us perfectly ;) It's funny how easily we can forget not to eat that much during Christmas. Well, what can I say it's magic ;)
>.< I hate cleaning windows!!

Ciekawostka: J.P.F w 2009 roku planuje wydać nowy tytuł, a mianowicie 'Bleach'. Ciekawe, że u nas popularne serie wydaje się tak trochę... późno ^^;


21/10/2008 14:48
Mio przeżyło dzisiaj szok. Weszło do księgarni i znalazło 'Imperium Kości Słoniowej' i ' Księgę Cmentarną'i parę innych interesujących mnie tytułów O__o Z wyjątkiem super hitów, 'zwykłe' książki pojawiają sie u mnie w księgarniach zazwyczaj w +/- trzy miesiące po oficjalnej dacie wydania w Polsce, a tu taka niespodzianka... Bo jakoś nie wierzę, żeby Novik i Gaiman do kategorii hitów awansowali, nie żebym miała coś przeciwko XD
Today I received information that supposedly we are behind with payment for an invoice. Ok, so I checked and send them an email with information that we'd paid it only a month ago. They replay? 'Yes, you are right, ups sorry?'
Geeeee, I love to work with ppl from Sweden XD
I blame it on [ profile] gokuma and her thoughts about human's mind.

Long time ago Sis and I had interesting talk. And I know that ppl who heard it were like 'WTF?', but it's fun when you have your own associations that no one can figure out XDXD

me: Antares? It's a star, isn't it?
Sis: Yes, I think it has something to do with 'Cygnus' [Swan]
me: You're right, so it's 'Scorpius' [Scorpio]
Sis: That would be it...

Cooke if you can understand how it goes ^^ Of course not for you Sis :P
Hej [ profile] gokuma, obiło ci się już coś o uszy w tym temacie? XD Jestem ciekawa co i kiedy im z tego wyjdzie, bo produkcje mieli całkiem niezłe. Chciałaby żeby prace nad tym filmem już ruszyły XD Ale chyba na razie tylko pomarzyć można
Both of you are annoying >_> Anyway... as you wished I created my LJ so... leave ma alone now <_< but it'll rather be DJ than LJ as I know myself...

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