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So we have a New Year again, or it'll be here soon enough. Which means I'll have to deal, again, with:
- rehearsals to rehearsals, just to make sure fireworks will be set off ok (some people started yesterday...)
- car alarms "singing" all night, unless the owners are smart enough to leave them far away from our street,
- overtime at work during January and February (I just love taxes >.<)
- bitchy co-workers because it's THAT time of the year, whatever it means...

On a happier note I have a lot of books to read and things to watch, on a less happier note - I need time-turner to catch up with all of that :P

@[personal profile] gokuma Happy, wilf? :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone ^^
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For the last couple of weeks I worked six days a week, Saturdays included and I wondered today why am I under the impression that it's Sunday. Simple, it's Saturday and I'm home so my brain thinks it's Sunday.
At least I'll have one more day off to enjoy ^^
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I so hate working with people who have no common sense and are not capable of logical thinking (at least in a very small dose - I'm not that picky)...
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On 2nd of January we are lunching a new programme, which means IT'll be used in our daily work. To make life more interesting we are starting training on how to use IT on Monday and to make it more fun we do not know which group we are assigned to or where the training is taking place. Of course we do have The Schedule but it was realised today, joy ^^;
The best thing of all is that IT doesn't work properly and won't for a long time yet. Modules do not cooperate with each other, things that worked at one point did not few minutes later because someone's been correcting some other mistakes that should be taken care of. Rewind and repeat...
I so love modern technology *heddesk*


22/09/2011 20:17
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Geee... It's good to know you are needed ^^;
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Why does paperwork have an ability to multiply breed faster than we are able to work through it? -_-
Today was somehow annoying.
First there were problems at work with electricity, which meant for an hour it was switch on and off few times. And later there was flood going through three floors of the office.
Joy ^^;
They do know things we test don't work, we do know it doesn't work, but we do/did the test anyway.

There's this huge project we have in a company - to implement new management program, that's suppose to do everything which means it'll do nothing. So now we are starting to "really" test it. When? On Friday. Just after 11.11.10, which is national holiday and no one is working, and when most people are off to somewhere.
Yeah, I just love CEOs and their lack of imagination ^^;


01/07/2010 19:53
I so hate SAP...
I have three days off starting today.
So far I've received five mails and three phone calls from work.
It's soooo great to be needed ^^;
Damn, I need holidays. Taking taking care of coordinating new settling system is not my idea of fun ;__;
I'm just really curious so I have a question for you guys. Do you have sth like self-evaluation at work?

We have to do sth like that every year and it's... stupid. Well evaluation alone isn't that bad, but the questions that we have to answer are ridiculous.

What progress did you make since last evaluation Hello, I work in accounting department, what could me do? Invent new theory or sth? Oh, I do know it's possible to improve some thins in AD but it's connected with changing two, or sth like that, programs which means a lot of money would be needed, which means it's not a good idea. That's about progress.

What do you think about your current position You kidding me, I'm not gonna tell the whole true, it's hard to find good job and this one is quite good, even if boring as hell, well for the most part anyway ;)

What do you think is your mission in the company Ok, that is overkill. I'm accountant, what mission this post has?

Of course it's not all, only few questions from 20 or something ^^; Can anyone tell me why is it necessary to write sth like that? And why my superior has to read it (ok, I can understand that) but then it goes to my superior's superior and then to president of the company... *sigh* I only hope they would change damn forms for this evaluation.

So please, pleas someone tells me that they do something stupid like that too *puppy eyes*
Nawet nie chce mi się złościć, czy dociekać kto właściwie ponosi winę za zaistniałą sytuację. 'It's too troublesome' cytując pewnego lenia ^^; Rezultat? Nadgodziny i przesunięcie urlopu. *sigh* Mam nadzieję, że uda mi się w końcu pójść od wtorku, o ile znowu coś nieprzewidzianego nie wypadnie ^^;
Jedno jest pewne, znając moją szefową to polecą głowy...

Btw, [ profile] gokuma dzięki za pomoc muzyczną ^^ Teraz mio będzie sobie po woli kompletowało różne płytki, stanowczo to co wilki lubią najbardziej *nuzzles*
Today I received information that supposedly we are behind with payment for an invoice. Ok, so I checked and send them an email with information that we'd paid it only a month ago. They replay? 'Yes, you are right, ups sorry?'
Geeeee, I love to work with ppl from Sweden XD
Executing a plan takes one part patience, one part strategy, and two parts dumb luck.

Especially the last part is too damn true *sigh* At least I have another month before next dead line ^^; Ah well, for now I have weekend to enjoy XD
'Why you always have to go for the kill with your first question? with next one not that much better...'

It's what I heard today. Why? Because we're changing booking-system so of course I had to asked 'what if...' Not my fault my question was hard <_< I can't help that I see so many problems with all of this (new system, terms of settlement, documents, etc., etc.) *sigh* The funniest thing is that friend from IT, who is one of creators of this system, likes to 'use' me as his consultant when woring on it, because I 'think more like IT worker' and he doesn't have to explain to me how it works or what is possible and what not O_o Well at least when IT department had pointed out what problems we may find they were surprised when we gave them solutions for most of them *headdesk* All because of me and my questions ^^;
I'm sure some of you know this feeling of annoyance when control/audit come to your company to check if you do things correctly. Most of the time I want to shoot them, I have better things to do than searching for old documents. But to be honest I like one thing about those controls.
You see, company that I work for has unique system with dealing with its business activity (taxes, contracts etc) because, according to the law, we my use 'exceptions' from general rules. And that's where the fun begins - most of contollers/auditors have no idea how to deal with them. *grin* I just love to see their faces when we explain them what we do, how we do it and why. XD It's funny how fast they back off from 'this' topic.

If you wonder why am I talking about this - it's simple we just have an audit and I would like to hurt someone, but it wouldn't be proper thing to do, ne?

But HIS expression WAS priceless XDXDXD
_^_ I just love it >_<

1. my PC at home is dead for a while cause of that damn cooler, which I have to change, yet I don't have time to do that (hell, even to go and buy one ^^;;) [edited: I have to go and buy it tomorrow, five days without PC is to much, especially when you have to do sth for your work... Yay, I love short dead-line of doing stuff _^_]
2. my PC at work wants holidays too _^_ so he just stops working for maaaany times a day... Nobody knows why, so I have problems with working in Word or Excel. And cause of that I have to do consolidation's papers at home, but only if my dearest computer will work >_<

I hate computers...

From other news... Nothing interesting happened so... Hmmm... Whatever...

Have a nice weekend everyone ^__^

>_< So where is that damn screwdriver? I'm sure I saw it somewhere...
Why it's always happened to me? I've had to write sth important, but as usual, my PC has another opinion in this matter >_< I hate computers, I hate them... Now I have to write everything again from the start _^_ It's not my day.

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