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Alexiel ([personal profile] shinya_diey) wrote2013-03-08 09:49 pm
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I hate shopping. Whoever invented this monstrosity should die a very painful death >_>

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I agree, completely and utterly. Worst by far is clothes shopping *shudders at the thought*

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Yes, those are the worst *shudders at the memory of yesterday*
But there's one occasion when I love shopping *_* Books shopping *_* On a bad side I have no more room for books at my place -_-

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Haha!! I know what you mean ... I do have a few exceptions to the rule which are notably book, dvd and music shopping. Weirdly enough, lingerie shopping as well - I don't mind that as much as a clothes shopping!!

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I agree, maybe not with lingerie - I would change it to fruit tea and some sweets ^^
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A najgorsze jest to, że zakupy to czasami niezbędna konieczność ;__;

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Najgorsze jest to, że nawet jak coś znajdziesz to i tak na ciebie nie pasuje -_-
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Mnie tego nie musisz mówić :/

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